Sound Studio reverted to trial mode and is asking me to buy, but I already bought it.

If you've purchased Sound Studio 4 before, you don't need to purchase it again. Sound Studio 4 is currently a one-time purchase. 

If Sound Studio is showing a trial window and asking you to buy the app again, here are ways to re-activate Sound Studio:

  • If you have a license code for Sound Studio 4, hit the dropdown arrow in the trial window to show a box for entering your license and enter your code there. Note that if you bought from the Mac App Store, you will not have or need a license code since the app is tied to your Apple ID. If you can't find your license code, you can use our license code retrieval system.
  • If you bought Sound Studio 4 from the Mac App Store and switched to our Felt Tip Fastspring version to enable MP3-saving, you should delete Sound Studio from your computer and reinstall Sound Studio directly from the Mac App Store. Both the Mac App Store version and our Felt Tip version of Sound Studio for version 4.9.1 and later integrate MP3-saving, so that you don't have to install the LAME framework separately! You won't be charged again for downloading the app from the Mac App Store.
  • If you bought Sound Studio 4 from the Mac App Store and switched to our version to enable MP3-saving and you want to continue using the version outside of the Mac App Store. You need to revalidate the Mac App Store receipt following these instructions: 
    1. Delete or temporarily archive the copy of Sound Studio on your computer.
    2. Download a copy of Sound Studio from the Mac App Store. 
    3. Launch the Mac App Store version of the app once, and then quit it. 
    4. Download or decompress and launch your original version of Sound Studio and it should activate as the full version of the app (it won't show the trial mode window). If this doesn't work, let us know at and we can help you re-activate the app.
  • If you bought Sound Studio 3 and would like to upgrade to Sound Studio 4, you'll need to purchase Sound Studio 4. Your license code for Sound Studio 3 will not work with Sound Studio 4. The cost of the upgrade goes directly to bug fixes, feature updates, maintaining compatibility with the latest macOS, and providing full technical support.
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